Summer Camps & Study Holidays in Tuscany


Summer Camp in Tuscany

For more than twenty years our summer camps have given campers, aged 3 to 17, a place to build lasting friendships, learn through experience, and to grow into independent young adults. Our summer camps in Tuscany represent an unforgettable experience with the unique opportunity to learn English by living it, substituting classroom lessons with outdoor activities. From horseback riding to rafting, a new adventure awaits our campers every day.


For a summer that will change your life.

Our action packed days include: art workshops, movie making, music, theater and crafts, and also tree climbing, water games, archery, rafting, horseback riding, themed evenings, and visits to historic cities. The first goal of our camps is to encourage children to participate in activities designed for their growth and learning in fun and interactive ways.

- For ages 3 to 14 -

Summer Day Camps

Every year, when schools close and summer begins, Canadian Island becomes the center for summer fun: a place where your children can play and learn English through immersive activities, in a safe and engaging environment. Art, music, theater workshops, recreational and educational electives, and even water games are just a few of the engaging classes we offer. We emphasize wholesome, organic foods for lunch and offer tasty snacks throughout the day.
- For ages 7 to 14 -

Summer Camps with overnight accommodation

Set in the Tuscan countryside and overlooking vineyards and olive trees, our camps are packed with classes, excursions, and delicious meals. Our pools, soccer fields, and open spaces make sure our campers will never be short of activities to do, while our art and theater programs will keep them inspired. Classes are taught by native English speakers who make learning fun and engaging and our small group lessons never feel crowded.
- For ages 13 to 16 -

Teens Week

This camp is catered specifically to older campers and offers electives with more autonomy along with daily adventures. The Canyon Park’s zipline and ropes course are the highlights of a week which includes rafting, wilderness survival training, and treks through caves and rivers. Our delicious meals are prepared on site with local ingredients from an entirely self-sufficient farm and garden.



Canadian Island’s Overnight Summer Camps are in English 24 hours a day.

Here campers can meet new friends, develop new skills, grow and live unforgettable emotions while  immersed in the unmistakable beauty of Tuscany’s timeless views and lush nature.

At Canadian Island, children will find a friendly and safe environment, where they will feel free to express themselves and be active. At the end of every camp, as campers give their new friends a goodbye hug, they find comfort in knowing that this is not a farewell, but a “see you again next year!”


Twenty-two years of experience, innovation, research of new teaching methodologies to always be at the top. It is following this path that Canadian Island organizes fun, educational and engaging Summer Camps.


Our programs are held entirely in English, with a teacher to student ratio of one to five. THis allows us to achieve a goal we hold dear: no one should ever be left behind. Ever.


Our team constantly oversees all activities to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants. Many of our teachers have first aid certification.


Music around the campfire, new friendships, sports, art, studies and the empathy our team has, accompany campers on their adventure. Harmonious days are spent learning, discovering and growing together.