Teens Week



Teens Week has been specifically designed for campers to learn new languages and experience an exciting adventure. Campers are immersed in adventure at Pian di Fiume. The camp is filled with amenities and activities ranging from foosball and a swimming pool to rafting and a high-wire course! Our thought-out and detailed program includes daily trips organized by the adventure staff at the base of the mountain. Our campers are surrounded by a fully self-sufficient camp where the food they eat is produced and raised on site. The Tuscan hills are a perfect place to make new friends, try new adventures, and learn new languages

Knowledge of the language will progress rapidly thanks to experienced and highly trained mother tongue teachers.

24 hours a day in English!

Location: Agriturismo Pian di Fiume in Bagni di Lucca.

bagni di lucca
- A project of Study and Global Education -

24-hour security

Our carefully trained and selected camp counselors are vigilant while they chaperone the campers 24 hours a day, to ensure campers’ well being and safety. The international environment of the camp promotes openness and preparation for a future that will no longer see borders. Campers can structure their own course by choosing:

- Daily sports ranging from soccer to hiking up the mountain to medieval villages
- Exploring their artistic side with tailormade, age appropriate art projects
- Learning how to use the written word to express themselves through creative writing and debate
- Learning how to play or improving their chess on a life-sized chess board
- Cooking with real Italian chefs
- And so much more

- English and much more -

Teens Week activities

Sports, leisure and outdoor activities provide children with the opportunity to face new challenges with maximum safety and often become memorable experiences for them! And they are:

• Excursions
• Trekking
• Hip hop and jazz
• Rafting on the Lima river
• Tubing
• Water Trekking
• Big Sup
• Survival
• Fun in the kitchen
• “Canadian style” barbecue
• Night “disco” by the pool

... and lots of English!

rafting bagni di lucca

Dates & Fees

Year 2022

€ 1300 for 1 week (includes sports equipment and extra insurance)

The two-night rate includes the extra Saturday night.
The price includes participating in the activities of the summer centers.

  • English lessons
  • The teaching material
  • Overnight at the property
  • 3 meals a day with 100% local food
  • Medical insurance
  • Experience and experienced teachers
  • Unforgettable memories to treasure
Payment method

Upon registration you must pay an advance of 40% and the balance paid in full by May 30th, 2022. Those who register after May 30th the amount must be paid in full.


You are entitled to a full refund of your deposit,  if you cancel your registration by April 2022

Calendar 2022

26 giu – 2 lug

3 lug – 9 lug

10 lug – 16 lug

17 lug – 23 lug


How to get to: Camp Pian di Fiume

Camp Pian di Fiume

Località Pian di Fiume, 20, 55022 Bagni di Lucca LU


What To Bring?

  • T-shirts (1 t-shirt of white “COTONE” to be painted)
  • long pants
  • Shorts
  • linen changes
  • Sweatshirt
  • sneakers
  • k-way
  • Hat
  • bathroom accessories (soap, bath shower, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste)
  • high-protection sunscreen
  • swimsuit
  • Headphone
  • beach towel and bathrobe
  • bath towels
  • rubber slippers for shower and pool
  • small backpack for excursions
  • small flashlight
  • a hat or your favorite dress to use for theatrical activities (hats, accessories, dresses, etc.)
  • complete case of scissors, pencils, markers and glue
  • Bottle
  • Kids playing an instrument can take it to camp!

OPTIONAL:Bring a drawing canvas of any size if you want to take part in an afternoon painting class.

Mark all objects with the child’s first and last name in indelible ink.

Note: please use small suitcases, 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. For those who stay at the camp for 2 weeks it is possible to do the laundry.

What not to bring?

  • knives
  • electronic games
  • valuables

Please note:we are not responsible for lost or broken valuables if they are brought.

Small purchases

Parents are invited to leave the children between 10 and 25 euros.


On Sunday from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm, welcome to the children and visit of the center with the parents. Luggage, which must be left at the entrance.

Check out

Saturday from 11:00 to 12:00 arrival of parents at the Agriturismo.

Required Documents

  • photocopy of the health card;
  • certificate of fitness.

The required documents will be delivered directly upon arrival.

Write to us for more information!


    Twenty-two years of experience, innovation, research of new teaching methodologies to always be at the top. It is following this path that Canadian Island organizes fun, educational and engaging Summer Camps.


    Our programs are held entirely in English, and one teacher’s report for every five students allows us to achieve a goal that we care about: no one should be left behind. Never.


    Our team constantly oversees all activities to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants. Many of our teachers have first aid certification.


    The music around the fire, the friendships that are born, the sport, the art, the study, the empathy with the team that accompanies the boys in this adventure. Days lived in harmony, learning, discovering, growing together.