Canadian Island summer camps provide a safe and supportive environment where kids and teenagers feel comfortable to try a range of new activities and grow as individuals. Our firsthand experience shows us that campers easily adapt to living in a new country and thrive on challenges, so long as they feel relaxed and at home.

Small group organized and elective workshops ensure the progress of each camper is closely monitored and encouraged. It also means our instructors can focus on leading challenging and engaging classes while camp counsellors care for overall wellbeing. And with the the right mix of guidance and support, campers fill empowered to communicate, make new friends and learn a new language in the wonderful set of the Tuscan hillsides, which add an additional layer of magic to our camp.

Our day and residential summer camps are divided by age and give to the campers the opportunity to mix with local Italian students as well as students coming from all over the wolrld, heplping to improve language acquisition and cultural awareness.

To learn more please choose you are interested in. See you at camp!

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