Imagine a place where your children can learn English or Italian safely and comfortably, guided by specialized teachers whose main objective is to feed their creativity. This is what our Day Camps offer your kids, the chance to play to learn in Tuscany.

During the month of July our language school and day care turns into a camp for kids from the ages of three to six, with weekday activities running from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm. All of the activities take place in English and our camp program is organized around set themes that encourage kids to discover and explore their creative side.

Our caring staff take part in both pre-camp and ongoing training sessions that guarantee maximum attention and security for your child.

General Information

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Life at camp

No time to get bored


English | Italian Lesson

A period of time each day is dedicated to English or Italian lessons, with campers grouped into age and level appropriate classes. Qualified teachers guide students through a set curriculum and work hard to ensure kids have a fun and natural learning experience, promoting conversational skills, fluency and expanding vocabulary.


Art Workshop

Our art workshops encourage kids to explore their creativity by introducing them to new techniques and materials – and time to experiment. At the end of the week, your child will come home with their very own portfolio to show you.
• Drawing
• Painting
• Print making
• Recycled artwork
• Tie-dye
• Paper crafts
• Chalk
• Design
• Costumes


Music and Drama Workshop

Drama and theatre workshops have the magical ability to transcend language barriers and inspire kids to explore the world they live in.
• Sing-a-longs
• Playing musical instruments
• Acting
• Creating new songs
• Listening or dancing to music
• Playing house
• Puppet shows
• Role-playing
• Dress-up
• Miming games


Sport and Cooperative Games

Kids get their adrenaline pumping in cooperative games and sports. Maximum fun is guaranteed in our outdoor activites program that is suitable for campers of all ability levels and designed to encourage participation.
• Capture the flag
• Blind cow
• Night horse caviler
• Rhythm game


Pool and Water Activities

Italian summers can be hot, which is why we make pool games and water activites a highlight of day-to-day camp life. Qualified staff supervise water areas and kids attending camp are encouraged to make the most of their time in the pool.
• Wading pool
• Water Games



Italians love to eat fresh, locally produced food and this philosophy influences our own camp menu. At Canadian Island, we give great importance to the food our campers eat and we are proud to provide healthy eating options for kids with a wide variety of dietary requirements.
Italy is known for its slow food movement, which encourages people of all ages to pay closer attention to what goes on their plate and in their body. At Canadian Island, we have embraced this food philosophy and place great emphasis on the quality of food served at camp in terms of nutritional value and variety in order to meet the needs of our campers.
We have created a tasty, nutritious and wholesome meal plan made from local organic produce and we cater to campers with dairy, nut, wheat, soy, egg and fish allergies. Celiac campers thrive on our gluten free foods while vegetarians and vegans are amazed at the variety of food options we offer.
Drinking water regularly is another Canadian Island camp initiative and we encourage campers to use the bottled water coolers that can be found all around camp.


junior_camp (5)

Canadian Island Headquarter

Located just outside the historical center of Florence, our camp at Via Gioberti is a secure, comfortable and intimate setting where kids feel at home and talk to teachers on a first name basis.

Your day at camp

08:00/9:00 - Campers are dropped off at Canadian Island
09:00 - Circle time games and songs
10:00 - Snack
10:20 - Activity 1
11:30 - Change for pool time and water games in the garden
12:15 - Pool time
13:00 - Lunch
13:30 - Rest period
14:30 - Activity 2
15:00 - Activity 3
15:45 - Afternoon snack and break
16:00/16:30 - Campers picked up by parents

Dates and rates

How much does it cost?

€ 380 per week – 1° child
€ 360 per week – for siblings

(Fees include Italian or English lesson (as requested), didactic materials inspired by Reggio Emilia, organic lunches and snacks, accident insurance, and a summer filled with treasured memories)

Calendar 2019

01 July – 05 July
08 July – 12 July
15 July – 19 July
22 July – 26 July

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