At Canadian Island we believe kids do their best learning in a harmonious, nurturing and child-led environment where they can feel at home. During our pre-school classes, specially trained teachers guide your little ones through culturally enriched learning through play that encourages self-expression in music, art, and language while building their social skills, independence, and self confidence.

Orientation is a very important period for children preparing for kindergarten. To smooth the transition from the home to social pre-school environment, we encourage parents and children to meet with their new teacher prior to the course starting date.
Parents are also invited to sit in on early classes, so that they can help their little one adapt to the new environment and become familiar with the teaching program.

Recreational and educational activities


Education In Harmony With Life

Our kindergarten program and activities are planned with each child’s personal growth in mind.
We encourage kids to express their own unique personalities by focusing on three specific developmental outcomes.
The Canadian Island developmental outcomes include:
• Autonomy
• Socialization
• Emotional and cognitive growth
We create stimulating learning environments that provide the structure and support kids need, but are flexible enough to let their creativity flow.



Our fully inclusive language program encourages children from diverse backgrounds to think, speak and live in English or Italian.
We immerse our children in a language rich environment where both English and Italian are taught in a real-world context and everyday phrases are reinforced in all areas of the program. Through interactive stories, songs and role-plays children feel confident to express themselves in a second language.



Starting at a very young age, creativity and self-expression is encouraged in a stimulating and comfortable environment.
We provide our little artists with quality paper and materials, giving them time to experiment and develop their own style while they mix with other budding artists.



Music has the power to help kids overcome language barriers and its use in class is an integral part of the Canadian Island teaching program.
We use music to support fine and gross motor skills, coordination, a sense of rhythm, and in the acquisition of languages. We stimulate our children by playing a diverse range of music, allowing time for experimentation with simple instruments, and nurturing their natural instinct to move to sounds.



Children are increasingly spending more time inside, but the Canadian Island school environment allows them to run around, fall over, climb, touch and kick a ball.
Our out- and in-door play areas are a treasure trove of wonders and encourage kids to move with the help of a play gym, bikes, sandpit, balls, climbing area and obstacle course. The child-friendly garden is a place to explore and let their imagination run wild.



We nurture and treasure the imaginary world our children inhabit and believe that when it comes to learning play and reality are not so far apart.
We provide our children with diverse play areas that are open to them in all areas of the school. This is so they can more easily and fulfill their innate need for imaginative play – a natural state of being for most children. Playtime is also used to foster positive and healthy attitudes towards other kids in cooperative games.


Family & Friends

Family support is core to our educational program, which is why we offer a series of meetings between parents and staff with the support of our kindergarten coordinator.
Our goal is to maintain a continuous exchange of information and collaborate with parents in order to foster the development of their child in these formative years.



Canadian Island Headquarter

Located just outside the historical center of Florence, our camp at Via Gioberti is a secure, comfortable and intimate setting where kids feel at home and talk to teachers on a first name basis.

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