Canada is renowned for its innovative teaching practices, especially in the area of ESL, and Canadian Island is dedicated to successfully introducing these methods to children in Florence. We believe great staff is the backbone of our summer camps program, which is why our camp counselors are native English speakers, with experience in attending and running camps.

Canadian Island summer camp counselors have qualifications in first aid and in many other areas. They are also trained to focus on the needs of our campers and then language skills. This is one of the reasons why we tell people ‘Canadian Island is not about English, it’s about kids helping kids’. To build student-teacher rapport and create a nurturing atmosphere, a maximum of eight students per class makes it easier. This also means that our staff gets the support it needs.


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x amanda


Name: Amanda
Age: 30
City of origin: Huntington Beach (California)
Education: Degree in theater
Time at Canadian Island: I have been responsible for the language courses for 8 years
In my free time I like to: Spend time with my little girl
3 adjectives to describe Canadian Island: Comfortable, innovative, home
Favorite cartoon: My little pony


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x samantha


Name: Samantha
Age: 29
City of origin: New York
Education: Degree in primary education
Time at Canadian Island: 6 years
In my free time I like to: I love to dance and travel
3 Adjectives to describe Canadian Island: Fun, creative, welcoming
Favorite Cartoon: Rugrats

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